Grace’s Guide to Narcissistic Husbands


Grace’s Guide to Narcissistic Husbands

Part I  Narcissistic Personality Disorder
1. Narcissism – From Myth to Modern Psychology
2. NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)
3. Traits of a Narcissistic Man

Part II  Living with a narcissist
4. Living with a Narcissist
5. Narcissistic abuse
6. Wolves at the door
7. How a Narcissistic Cleverly Blinds you

Part III Recovery
8. Recovering From a Narcissistic Abuser
9. Leaving a Damaging Relationship
10. Marriage Counseling – Is it worth it?

Part IV Cheating
11. Why Do They Cheat?
12. Is He Cheating on You?
13. Healing from cheating
14. Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Part V Emancipation
15. In their own words
16. Emancipation – Release Your Mind From The Narcissist
17. After All Tomorrow is Another Day

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From the eBook:

In 2002 I met him. Michael. A dazzling, handsome, witty, smart, caring man.  He was everything I ever wanted. Nothing like those men my mother warned me about. He had a great job, very well mannered, impeccably dressed. My family loved him, my girlfriends were jealous. The sex was great. It was the closest I have ever been to heaven. Right before my slow descent to hell.

Before hell, came moving in together, then marriage. Then my escape, now this book.

Let me state at this stage that I am by no means a professional of any sort. Here’s what I’m not. I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a social worker, I never studied anything related to narcissistic personality disorder. All I am is a shoulder. A friend.  Some stranger that knows what it’s like to live with a partner with narcissistic personality disorder.  I did not write this book for anyone but me. I needed to know more about NPD. I thought others might benefit from what I have seen, read and heard.

Had I not been blinded by my own hopes and fantasies, I could have seen the flags right before my eyes. Michael was a classic NPD.

He knew all about everything, and was the world’s best whatever. The world however, well he had a whole lot of criticism about pretty much anything. He was great though. He needed a lot of assurance from me. I gladly gave it away.

The verbal abuse started right after we got married. He belittled me in every chance he got. He couldn’t co-exist with me. No. There was only enough space for him. Our home soon became the Shrine of Michael. Read More.

Special Offer, Buy Now for Only  $4.99

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